Smart Controlling ASSETBITCOIN

AssetBitcoin controls and calculates real-time profitability using hardware such as the Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) chip, which is designed to efficiently mine cryptocurrency based on certain hashing algorithms. Controlled and updated at all times. Calculate profit based on electricity costs, network difficulties, block rewards, and cryptocurrency prices.

Smart Controlling ASSETBitcoin can show that between mining machines, ASIC is directed to mine coins based on the "SHA-256" cryptographic hash function - for Bitcoin. Currently the models we use are Ebit Ell ++ (Hashrate 30Th / s and 44Th / s) and Holic H22 (Hashrate 22Th / s). Smart Controlling ASSET Bitcoin provides accurate data from the mining machines that we use. We continue to strive for efficiency (especially electricity) so that the burden of bitcoin mining is energy efficient. We use hardware accelerators that implement SHA-256 hashes using optimized data lines so that energy efficiency goals for Bitcoin (BTC) up to 15 percent can be achieved.